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Our website is a membership website and it’s contents are fully secured and protected for the exclusive and maximum benefits of those who cherish and appreciate a specialized and high quality website with all it’s flavours and trimmings.

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To join us, you can choose either:

Option 1: Registered Basic Membership or (Subscriber), or

Option 2: Registered Premium Gold Membership and Partnership.

OPTION 1 Registered Basic User or Subscriber Account is a  paid Basic Membership which cost £10 per month.


You get access to basic subscription contents, discount offers, benefits and 24/7 specialist support at all times with OPTION 1

Price: £10 PER MONTH

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You can register for a Basic Membership Subscription  Option 1, or Premium Gold Church Membership and Partnership Option 2

The Registered Basic Member or User Subscription has basic privileges

and restrictions. With a Registered User Subscription you will get:

  • Restricted access and use of website
  • Limited free online downloads
  • Comment on posts as Subscriber
  • Limited discount offers on some products, services and events
  • Basic Customer’ service support 24/7
  • You can upgrade to Option 2 at any time.


The Registered Gold Premium Member and Partner Subscription is paid, and costs £20 PER MONTH, and comes with greater privileges, advantages and less restrictions and much more… including:

  • Unrestricted access and use of website
  • Unlimited free downloads
  • Comment on posts as Registered Member
  • Write and publish articles
  • On site advertisement
  • VIP discount offers on products and services

  • Exclusive Membership and access to our Campaigns events and functions
  • Exclusive monthly Christian Church Membership and Business Partnership
  • Unlimited business investments opportunities
  • Premium and express customer service support response within 48hrs
  • Initial free consultation, advice and counselling
  • Capacity building and Skills development training
  • Mentoring

Joining us either ways is quite simple.

Please follow the indicated links and instructions. Complete our secured online Registration Form with the required information, then hit the “Submit” button. As soon as you submit your Registration Forms, head over to our Natural Heath Shop select and pay for your Membership

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You can unsubscribe to newsletter or cancel your membership at any time by notifying us at any time and we will terminate your account for you without any hassle at all. Your statutory rights will not be affected


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